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Separation anxiety - home alone problems

Separation anxiety is a common issue faced by our beloved canine companions. We have selected dogs who wants to be with us for 1000 of years.
When dogs experience separation anxiety, they become distressed and anxious when left alone.
This emotional struggle can lead to destructive behavior, excessive barking, stress and other undesirable symptoms.

Even though it's common, it's very distressing for both you and your dog.

A vet visit, to rule out pain or physical discomfort is important. A dog who can't settle may be in pain.

The Modern Method: Sub-Threshold Training

What Is Sub-Threshold Training?

Sub-threshold training focuses on gradually exposing your dog to anxiety-inducing situations without pushing them beyond their comfort zone.
By staying below the anxiety threshold, we create positive associations and build resilience.

Online Training: The Key to Success

The beauty of online training lies in its accessibility. Regardless of your physical location, you can participate in effective separation anxiety training.

Through video technology, I can guide you step-by-step, ensuring personalized support for you and your dog.

Customized Solutions

At “Halla og Hund,” I believe in addressing separation anxiety at its core.

We start out with a zoom call, where you can tell me about your dog troubles with being home alone.
I'll explain about this kind of training, and what will be expected of you during training.
After the online meeting, you get time to decide if you want help from me.

This meeting doesn't cost you any money. Only your time.

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