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Dog - Dog problems

Does your dog bark, lunges or try to escape when you meet other dog

Do you have a dog with BIG feelings about other dogs?

Are your walks a nightmare for both you and your dog?
Are you sneaking around the neighborhood early mornings or late at night?

I guess that you are looking for help, because it's difficult for both you and your dog.

A visit to the vet is always recommended.

Pain, whether it is muscles, joints or teeth, is a huge factor in reactivity.
If the vet can't find it, a visit to a osteopath or a chiropractor is recommended.

How do I work with this


Before starting the "real" training, management is essential.
So from the start of our cooperation, do not put you and your dog in known stressful situations where your dog likely reacts.
Maybe you have to walk elsewhere, take your dog out somewhere where it's calm, or maybe for a while, no walks at all.

All the stress from the bad walks, is doing damage to your dogs system and doesn't help learning.
When the stress level decrease in both you and your dog, it's easier to learn.

I'll introduce you to some exercises, that you start training at home, which can help you, when we are ready to start with the next level of traing.

BAT and counter conditioning and Control unleashed games is my methods.


For me it’s very important to work towards changing your dogs’ feelings about the other dogs, rather than just make your dog obey your commands.
You can train a dog to walk past other dogs, without showing the obvious signs of discomfort, but that’s not my goal. A dog that suppresses his or her feelings might explode somewhere else.
You can further expect some tools to help your dog in unexpected situations, like a loose dog, or where you can’t get space enough for your dogs’ comfort.
I work with counter conditioning, BAT (behavior adjustment training) and some games from Leslie McDevitt, control unleashed, training.

More about BAT

Counter conditioning

Working at a distance, I'll introduce you to a technique, that will help change yuor dogs perception of it's surroundings.

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