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Behavior Consultations,
whether it’s leash pulling, separation anxiety, or fear-based reactions, I'm here to guide you.
Cooperative care is very important to me too.

My personalized behavior consultations will address specific challenges and provide practical solutions.
I work a lot online, but in person consultations can be arranged within reasonable distance from Odense.

I’m working force free and with kindness and with an evidence-based background.
A positive reinforcement view on things is my approach.

cooperative care

Cooperative Care Sessions

Do your dog looks like this when you take out the nail clipper? the brush? the toothbrush?

From nail trims to vet visits, cooperative care ensures stress-free interactions.
This is an issue to which i personally am very comitted. Control over some aspects of our life is very important, but it's the same for our dogs.
I’ll show you how to make routine tasks enjoyable for your dog. Cooperative care gives the dog some control over when or what happens. Agency is a very important factor in life for all living beeings.

Intensive training

Do you need the training to jump start?
Cooperative care, leash pulling, or dog - dog problems can be jumpstarted. Do you want to train with intensive support or do you want me to do the basics and then teach you how to go on from there?
Contact me to discuss further.
Can not be done with separation anxiety