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About me and my services

At Halla og Hund, I celebrate the bond between humans and your four-legged friends. As a seasoned dog trainer, clicker trainer, and dog behavior consultant, I bring a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate the fascinating world of canine behavior.
I’m proud to be a member of SEA. It’s members of examined behavior consultants.

My approach

Evidence-Based Methods is my mantra.
my approach is rooted in science and compassion.
I believe that understanding your dog’s behavior begins with evidence-based practices. From positive reinforcement to cooperative care, I prioritize methods that enhance your dog’s well-being.
Communication and Cooperation is the key.

Do you have questions or need personalized advice? Reach out to me and let’s embark on a journey of understanding and transformation with your furry companion!

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Effective communication is key.

I’ll teach you how to decode your dog’s signals and build a strong partnership. Cooperation between you and your dog leads to a harmonious household.
Kindness and Force-Free Techniques is essential.

I advocate for force-free training. My methods emphasize kindness, patience, and understanding. No harsh corrections—just positive interactions that foster trust and learning.


Behavior Consultations
whether it’s leash pulling, separation anxiety, or fear-based reactions, I'm here to guide you.
My personalized behavior consultations address specific challenges and provide practical solutions.

Dog – Dog aggression

Whether the issue is fear, frustrated or fight based, your dog is struggling and so are you. Seek out help by contacting me.

I'll work with management, training exercises, counter conditioning and BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training). For me it is'nt enough that your dog can be trained not to react. A dog with big feelings should be heard and helped.

Cooperative Care Sessions

From nail trims to vet visits, cooperative care ensures stress-free interactions. I’ll show you how to make routine tasks enjoyable for your dog. Cooperative care gives the dog some control over when or what happens. Agency is a very important factor in life for all living beeings.